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The Friday Five for 6/30/06

Yes, I've decided to start doing this so ya'll will have something to read every week. Yay. From The Friday Five.

1.) What fandom do you center on most? Lately, it's been Final Fantasy VII.
2.) Do you contribute to it much (write fanfiction, draw fanart, participate in online communities and discussions)? No. Pretty much the only thing I do is make avatars for use on message boards.
3.) Do you think that such things are good or harmful to the fandom and why? Both. It's good to have intelligent, ACTUAL conversations about fandoms. But a lot of people who don't understand the allure of a fandom can be very cruel & close-minded, thus things can get out of hand.
4.) Do you think its good or harmful for the original creator? I have absolutely no clue, but I would think they'd be a little weirded out by slash. Most characters form a particular fandom were not meant to be thought of that way (IE: Frodo/Sam).
5.) Why do you like this fandom in particular? Well, I didn't think I would ever, originally. I wasn't until I saw Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I just became hooked. Or maybe it was when I heard the music from the movie. Either way. The fandom is interesting with a large set of varied characters that are all unique and have their own flaws and histories. Plus, I'm a huge fantasy fan.
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