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Current flows, but I don't know where it goes

I can't wait for the Feast now! Mom & I are sharing a room this year. I'm glad we were able to get a deluxe room. No hauling a fridge this year! So who's staying with whom?

Tommy came to visit for the Sabbath. It was good. He wrote me notes on his laptop throughout the sermon. Then we (me, Tommy, Josh, Joey, Chris & Courtney) went to Beef O'Bradys for dinner, then went to Bill & Sharon's for yet another night of poker (along with Kristy, Stacey & Ryan). I'm on a losing streak with poker. Every good hand I get, I either fold, thinking someone has something better, or I bet heavy and someone else has one card better than me. Suck. Anyway, it was great to see Tommy again. Hope he had a good time too, cat allergies aside. lol

New Kitty?
When Josh & I came home from the Onisicks, I found a calico kitten prowling the house across the street. Didn't take much coaxing to get her to come over. We can't bring it inside. Trip freaked. But she was around the house all day yesterday. She's quite a vocal kitty, too. We want to call her Reese (or maybe Callie), but we'll wait and see if she hangs around. Right now, she likes hanging out in the wheel well & under my car. :(

My Room = Not Teh Suck Anymore
Josh finally moved into the garage, so I now get the two rooms upstairs. Yesterday, I painted Josh's old room a really nice light purple color. Except for one wall; I had to leave it untouched, as I hope to combine the two closets into one. I hope. Until then, I will work on sponging the other three walls. Maybe a gray color.

Myrtle Beach
Josh & I went to Myrtle Beach with Dad & Cheryl to do some pier fishing. Once again, the fishing was sparse even though the conditions were perfect. But it was still fun and I wouldn't hesitate to go again. Plus, I didn't get sunburned too badly! Bonus!

Big congrats to Devon & Josh (Mimms, not my brother!) on their official engagement!</p>
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