July 13th, 2006


Love's icy tomb dug open for you

Destin is less than a month away now! Actually, 27 days. EEEEEE, I can't wait! I so need a vacation like a fat man needs candy. Haha! A few days on the beach with friends & family is just what I need.

I need some new clothes. I have two weddings that I need at least one outfit for, a new bathing suit (maybe I'll skip that one), and I definitely need some new jeans & work clothes. All my clothes are so old! Everyone has seen them a thousand times. I hate being so broke.

Furniture Shopping
I'm going to Waxhaw today with Stacey and her kids & Josh to look for furniture. Now that I have two bedrooms upstairs, I really need a futon for my old room. Not that anyone ever stays at our house, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Plus, they're nice to have for all the TV watching I've been doing lately. The folding chair I've been using isn't cutting it anymore.

So... Sore
I did a new exercise on Monday with weights that were probably too heavy, and I am paying for it now! My legs are so sore and stiff I can't straighten them out without them really hurting. Softball yesterday was a tad hard to get through, but I persevered! W00t! *cries* Someone give me some Icy Hot...

Softball Rant
Speaking of softball, I must say, I'm getting tired of a certain trend I've seen going on at softball. On three separate occasions, I've caught a runner not touching the base as they come by. When I point this out, no one does anything about it. Hello?! I should be able to tag them out, or at least make them come back to the base. I know we're not big-time pros here, but come on! We enforce everything else, why not this?

My new favorite picture, even if I don't look so great in it. :oP But when do I ever look really "good" in a picture? Regardless, it's a sweet pic.

Computer Hatred
My computer of retardation hates me. Everything I do is like a major trial. Hit refresh on my browser, the computer temporarily freezes. Try to block a sender in Outlook Express, my inbox freezes. Plus, the actual blocking takes about 5 minutes - each time. But at the same time, I would be really upset if anything happened to this computer. There's a lot of stuff one here that irreplaceable. I hope someone can possibly figure out why it's doing this, though. I have plenty of memory: 7 GB on the C drive, and about 80 GB on the D drive, so lack of memory ain't it.

Gas Prices
I need to quit reading articles about the gas situation. Every time I read one, I start to get a panicky feeling. It's not nice, I don't like it!